Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and deploy disruptive technology to convert cellulosic biomass to ethanol, other fuels, and coproducts at the lowest cost in the marketplace. 

This will accelerate climate change mitigation and sustainable development, building a cleaner, stronger future for all.

Our Team

Kristin Brief, CEO

Experienced executive in early-stage clean energy and technology companies, with a focus on fundraising, partnerships, business development and company-building

Formerly: Business Fellow, Breakthrough Energy; Co-Founder and COO, Virex Health; EVP Corporate Development & Business Operations, Ambri

Lee Lynd, CTO, Co-founder

Leading expert on consolidated bioprocessing and a bioenergy visionary, Lee has over 250 publications with more than 38,000 citations and 23 patents

Formerly: Biomass Deconstruction Focus Area Lead, Bioenergy Science Center; Co-Founder, Director, and CSO, Mascoma and Enchi Corps.; Member, Policy Dialogue to Reduce GHG Emissions from Personal Vehicles reporting to the Executive Office of President Clinton; Co-leader, The Role of Biomass in America’s Energy Future Project; Executive Committee Chair, Global Sustainable Bioenergy Project

Currently: Paul & Joan Queneau Professor of Engineering and Adjunct Professor of Biology, Dartmouth; Consolidated Bioprocessing Team Lead, Center for Bioenergy Innovation; Director, Advanced Second Generation Biofuel Laboratory, University of Campinas (Brazil)

Chris Herring, VP of Technology Development, Co-founder

Scientist and project manager with 20 years post-PhD experience in metabolic engineering, industrial microbiology, and systems biology. Chris has 30+ publications and 5 patents

Formerly: Post-doctoral researcher at University of California San Diego and University of Wisconsin; Adjunct Associate Professor, Dartmouth; Senior Scientist, Mascoma Corp; Co-PI, $5 million DOE Ethanologen project; Chief Scientist, Enchi Corp.

Bill Brady, Board Chair, Co-founder

An executive and entrepreneur in the sustainable energy and advanced materials industries, Bill has successfully led large complex global organizations, and has created value in building emerging technology businesses 

Formerly: Executive VP, Cabot Corp.; CEO, Director, Mascoma Corp.; CEO, Director, Enchi Corp.

Currently: Founding CEO, Director, Kula Bio; Co-Founder & Director, Monolith Materials; Partner, Clean Energy Ventures Group

Jeff Lievense, Advisor

Leading expertise in fermentation process development and scale-up (1,4-butanediol, 1,3 butanediol, farnesene, 1,3-propanediol, indigo)

Formerly: Senior positions with Tate & Lyle, Amyris, Genomatica

Currently: CEO, Lievense Bioengineering; advisor to Genomatica, Digestiva, Creo Ingredients, University of Michigan Chemical Engineering; member, National Academy of Engineering